AppScaler v1.1.5 released

Firmware 1.1.5 is a new release for all the AppScaler products including hardware and virtual appliance.

At a glance, new features and feature enhancements in this release includes:


Libs upgraded

PHP upgraded from 5.6 to 7.3
Openssl upgraded to 1.1.1g
Lighttpd upgraded to 1.4.55

Access Policy Module

  • Access Policy Module implemented
  • Certificate AAA Server Type added
  • Now its possible to assign application access based on LDAP user groups
  • Now its possible to route traffic to different real servers based on LDAP user groups
  • OpenLDAP support
  • LDAP search now supports tree hierarchy
  • LDAP search now supports DN
  • User Access logs

Other Enhancements

  • ACL Engine added
  • Connection Engine added
  • DNS Automatic Update added
  • IPSec VPN added