Client Certificate Authentication

In typical SSL connection, the client connecting to the server checks the validity of the server by verifying the server’s certificate before the transaction initiated. However, in some situations, the server also needs to authenticate the client (it verifies that you are who you say you are). Client certificate authentication is a mutual certificate-based authentication, where the client provides its […]

Website Load Balancing

Load balancing is an important component to increase website capability and reliability. This post is going to look at several key requirements for website load balancing and techniques in load balancer to fulfill those requirements. How to eliminate website downtime through load balancing How to improve website response time How to intelligently distribute content to the users How to achieve […]

What is Server Load Balancing?

Background The availability of mission critical applications is without a doubt the IT administrators’ most important priority. Downtime on mission critical application costs organizations in terms of money, lost customers and much more. According to a new report by Ireland-based IT solutions company, ERS IT Solutions, on average IT downtime costs businesses $1.55 million every year. Availability is not something […]