High Performance Load Balancer

Not all ADC solutions are created equal. XPoint AppScaler is built from the ground up with performance in mind.

The core of XPoint AppScaler is written using Intel’s DPDK ,which greatly boosts packet processing performance and throughput by up to ten times.

The XPoint AppScaler Hardware Platform uses Intel controller I350 (Gigabit NIC) and 82599ES (10G NIC) and we have completely rewritten NIC driver to minimize lock contention for best performance. Compared to the stock NIC driver, the multi threaded and function part have been optimized to alleviate waiting to free lock and one specific CPU core.

The upper load balancing program has been carefully designed to accommodate the multi cores. And all of this leads to super performance which can easily scale well up to 100Gbps layer 7 throughput on one single hardware appliance.

We believe that performance is critical for application delivery and certainly the customers don’t want to run into performance bottleneck at some point.