Single Sign On – Active Directory Authentication

AppScaler provides centralized and flexible application access authentication to consolidate identity access management infrastructure and realize enhanced security at a reduced operational cost.

AppScaler leverages both advanced client authentication and access management, combined with the programmability of Post Form, it can offload authentication processing from business applications to make for a simpler, more flexible and secure environment.

Providing SSO across applications deployed on heterogeneous platforms requires standardization on a common identity and access management framework, AppScaler supports a wide range of authentication protocols including LDAP, Radius, RAS SecurID, Kerberos, and NTLM.

The processes to provide pre-authentication against Active Directory authentication schema:

  • When user accesses SSO enabled virtual service, the login form will display for user to enter credentials.
  • AppScaler will pass the credentials to active directory for authentication.
  • If not authenticated, user cannot access virtual service.
  • If authenticated, user session will be stored and can access all the virtual services with the same SSO profile.


Please refer to deployment guide for details.