AppScaler v1.0.7 released

Firmware 1.0.7 is a new release for all the AppScaler products including hardware and virtual appliance. With this release, we are proud to introduce comprehensive application visibility utilities.

At a glance, new features and feature enhancements in this release includes:

OS Performance Enhancement

  • The AppScaler OS upgraded with security and performance improvements
  • 40G and 100G port drivers added

New SSL Acceleration Card

The latest SSL acceleration chip supported. It can support up to 100Gbps full ssl processing and 300K P256 ECC/OPS SEC.

Libs upgraded

PHP upgraded to 5.6.39

Openssl upgraded to 1.0.2q

Lighttpd upgraded to 1.4.52

VS Reports

  • New vs report implemented
  • VS main report is auto refreshed in real time (2 seconds)
  • Add performance metrics (RTT, client latency and server processing)
  • Added VS detailed statistics

Global Health Monitor Configuration

The global configuration for health monitor is added.

Real Server Options

The global real server options added.

Virtual Server Options

The global virtual server options added.

RS SSL Verification

In SSL advanced options, the RS SSL Verification added.

TCP Timewait

In Advanced options of Packet Capture, the new option TCP Timewait added.

SAML Auth Header

In SAML based SSO profile, the SAML authentication header added.

VS Member Enhancement

In VS member configuration, weight and connection added.

SSO Login Form Enhancement

The HTML5 compliant support in SSO login form template.

Add VS Modal enhancement

Re-implement add VS modal.

Add Local Certificate Group Modal enhancement

Re-implement add local certificate group modal.