AppScaler v1.1.0 released

Firmware 1.1.0 is a new release for all the AppScaler products including hardware and virtual appliance. With this release, we are proud to introduce WAF extension support and automatic signature online upgrade.

At a glance, new features and feature enhancements in this release includes:

WAF Enhancement

  • The custom WAF ruleset support
  • Automatic WAF ruleset online upgrade


Libs upgraded

Openssl upgraded to 1.0.2s

Lighttpd upgraded to 1.4.54

WAF Reports

  • New WAF overall report
  • Added WAF event report
  • Added WAF audit report

Other Enhancements

  • Automatic configuration backup to the remote server via protocol FTP/SFTP/SCP
  • Added access list (whitelist and blacklist) per VS
  • Added authentication timeout settings in LDAP
  • Added global cache size support
  • Added cache size per VS support