Identity Aware

Application Delivery - Control, reliability, security, and visibility

Identity aware application security

AppScaler identity access proxy provides authentication and authorization for your organizations employees and users. You can use it to incorporate single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and access management services right into your applications.

Our unique approach to application security looks at the who, what, where and when resources are being accessed. It allows you to delivera consistent user experience across on-premise and cloud applications

Load balancing Microsoft workloads

AppScaler AppScaler has the proven ability to provide high availability and disaster recovery of microsoft workloads including Exhange, SharePoint, RDS etc.

The key benefits of AppScaler for microsoft workloads:

The right load balancer for any environment

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, whether in on premise or in the cloud, AppScaler provides the fast, available, and secure application delivery.

A trusted Parnter on Application Delivery Solutions

Azania Bank Limited is the first indigenous private bank in the United Republic of Tanzania, formerly known as 1st Adili Bancorp Limited established in 1995 following the liberalization of the banking sector.

The bank needed all transactions to be SSL encrypted for security and compliance which significantly increased the burden on the servers, and users at various geographic locations experienced slow application responses. This results in lost revenue, decreased productivity and unhappy customers

The bank selected AppScaler 2020 appliance:

  • 800% increase in SSL transaction capacity with AppScaler 2020
  • 6X accelerated user experience
  • 99.999% high availability